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Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement ArtsJustin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts


Justin Wolfer, Founder of Movement Mapping ERYT, FRCms, FR Spine Specialist

Justin Wolfer is traveling teacher, trainer and founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts in Saratoga Springs. He’s been a full time teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Interdisciplinary Movement for 10 years and for the past 5 years has owned and operated Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center in Saratoga Springs.  This recent year he founded Movement Mapping a system of training that focuses on optimizing Neuromuscular communication.

Rise Yoga aims to honor traditional yoga practice while fluidly integrating interdisciplinary movement and modern research on the brain, body and nervous system. A formative experience in his teaching approach came at the Burning Man Festival in 2014 where he and his wife found themselves practicing in a giant open space with world class dancers, martial Artists, acrobats and other advanced practitioners. The practices went on for hours and the atmosphere was relaxed but focused. What stood out most was the feeling of shared respect and studentship that created an unrivaled sense of community. Justin aims to create this atmosphere for learning, respecting and contributing to each other’s individual growth.

Justin began his yoga practice learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, Vinyasa Flow and studying with his spiritual yoga teacher Raghunath. Over the past few years his physical practice has grown to include progressive gymnastics, capoeira, animal locomotion and FRC Mobility Protocols. He has studied with Ido Portal and Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains author) and this year was certified as an FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) mobility specialist and FR (Functional Release) Spine specialist. His passion is in mentoring other teachers pointing them in the direction of their personal expertise and leading with their highest values.

He currently lives in Guernsey, a small Channel Island between France and England with his wife Camacha, Daughter Veda and new born son Remy.  They operate local a yoga studio and movement space Rise Yoga Guernsey:

If you can study in person check out the online video channel for classes.