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The Next Generation Yoga Teacher Webinar

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement ArtsJustin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

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Movement Mapping Online


Movement Mapping combines the best of flow yoga with mobility training, human locomotive patterns, planes of movement, and progress learning principles in a truly fluid and adapatable practice.

You'll receive:

Bridging Flow (sagittal plane, hip flex/extension, straight arm scapular control)

Lizard flow - (lateral/frontal plane; hip ad/adduction; bent arm strength development).

Scorpion Flow (rotational plane, hip rotation, , thoracic rotation, movement complexity).

Mind Mapping - 8 Week Meditation Course


Nueroplasticy, the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual’s life, has show that we can change fluidly however the brain attachments to patterns impede this process. Often we have no idea how attached we are to our patterning, we lack the tools to see the patterns and the impulse to follow them without inquiring into if this is what I truly want.

This 8 week course will take you through this process with a guided meditation that you will follow each week along with a lesson explaining what you’re trying to develop during this week. Each week will build on the next 

Movement Mapping Anatomy Course


In my experience the most interesting and effective way to learn how to apply principles of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology is through moving your joints while you learn.  This online workshop is a format I use to train teachers on how to immediately begin adapted positions, using props and tactile cues to help build your students physical awareness.

The Next Gen Yoga Teacher Webinar Training


Begins May 6th

Early Registration Pricing end April 1. 

(Save $150)

Be a part of the Next Generation of Yoga Teachers that bridges the best of Yoga with current scientific research.

Mobility Foundations Course


"Make stuff work well"

This course is for anyone that wants to move and feel better in their body! From high level athletes to someone that has never spent a day in the gym. Systematically learn train every joint in your body to move at its best!


Developing Your Handstand


This course will take you through everything you need to develop a safe and effective handstand practice. It is broken into 7 different components of the handstand training and 4 separate routines to train the handstand mobility which is often lacking for practitioners trying to learn handstand as an adult.