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The Next Generation Yoga Teacher Webinar

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

The Next Generation Yoga Teacher Webinar Training

6 month Program Begins May 6, 2019. Payment Plans Available

Are you the Next Generation of Yoga Teachers that bridges the best of Modern Yoga with current scientific research?

The Intention of this course is to assist you in identifying and developing your own personal expertise.


-  Learn to structure practices that can be adapted to a single student or to a room full of students with unique capacities.

- Learn strategies to do this within the flow of class: adapt fluidly, engage your audience, teach in flow.

- Develop frameworks that help students intuitively make adjustments.

- Know that you are offering practices that are healthy for your students joints.

- Learn Movement Mapping Anatomy - the easiest and most accessible way to learn and apply anatomy" - neuromuscular  Pathways, planes of movement, FRC CARs, tactile use of props and boundaries to inform awareness, isolate or integrate joints, change the level of stress imposed by the exercise. 

- Learn to teach using Movement Mapping phases of Learning to improve retention,  cognition, and insight.

- Redefine your idea of “core” and what it’s used for - Why learning to teach 3D Breathing development is essential.

-Learning to leverage the breath, spine, and autonomic nervous system relationship.

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Included in the Training:


- 30+ hrs of filmed material that is yours to keep and study at your own pace. 

-12 Unique Live Webinars (you do NOT have to attend them. They are recorded and yours to keep).

-Movement Mapping Online Anatomy Course ($50 value).

-  The Foundations of True Mobility ($150 value) offering training techniques for individual joints and joint complex’s unlike any thing offered in standard yoga trainings.

- video demonstrations of the techniques offered: Every joint and joint complex Movement Map; planes of movement broken down; locomotive patterns; incremental levels of stress based on Progressive Overload; Spinal Segmentation; Addressing common injury patterns; all seamlessly transfer to current yoga models are yours to keep and access anytime.

- A  network of teachers dedicated to their craft and a Facebook group forum to post questions, share ideas and get feedback from people that care (including me).

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