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Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement ArtsJustin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Movement Mapping Anatomy Course

This course is an effective way to learn and apply anatomy for teachers.

It is my belief as a teacher that we learn best by engaging with the topics we are interested in learning. Instead of forcing yourself to read a book  or take an online course and to try to memorize the relevant information this online workshop will ask you to participate by mapping out every joint in your body while learning all of the technical (less important jargon).

Teachers will also learn:

- How to create a  Movement Mapping Neuromuscular Feedback Loop and why it will become an invaluable tool for your teaching.

-  How you can improve neuromuscular communication by applying specific inputs (exercises) at the correct time.

- What are CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations a technique utilized in Functional Range Conditioning) and why every Yoga teacher should know the theory behind them.

- When and how to vary levels of stress; This is a common deficiency for Yoga teachers.

- How to use props (not to do poses but to inform your students).

- How to isolate joints to snuff out compensations; how to then re-integrating joints to create continuity;

- how and why to create tactile exercises/feedback  that improve proprioception; 

-  how and why to vary distal/proximal Stability/Mobility to improve connective tissue network relationships. 

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Building your library of mobility exercises by combining the Anatomy Course with the Mobility Foundations Course at $200 and save $50 off the full price.

If you really want to go for it teachers sign up for my 6 month webinar course The Next Generation Yoga Teacher at $550 which starts May 6 and receive both the Movement Mapping Anatomy Course and the Mobility Foundations Course.  

*The online course are yours to keep and access anytime/anywhere that internet is available.

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