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Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

Justin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement ArtsJustin wolfer Founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts

8 week meditation course

”Neuroplasticity refers to the physiological changes in the brain that happen

... as the result of our interactions with our environment. This dynamic process allows us to learn from and adapt to different experiences.” – Celeste Campbell (n.d.).

What I find fascinating and worth inquiring in to is why humans struggle to change certain patterns that they desire to.

Why does this seem to be a human struggle and how can introspective practice make adaptation in the way we desire a fluid/plastic process?

In my experience, the problem is that the brain interprets present events according to past narratives forming patterns/habits based on our narratives and attaching importance to them. By making them important theyseem impossible to overcome and disrupt our ability to consciously choose how we guthis our own process. Often we have no awareness that this is going on. We have no idea why there is so much weight placed on certain patterning that has formed over years/even decades and how it drives our decision making. We lack the tools to see the patterns and understand the impulse to follow them. This impedes neuroplasticity and adaptation in the ways that we truly desire as we are blindly following our patterns.

This 8-week course will take you through this process to develop a nuanced awareness of your mind map and your attachments to these pathways. Each week will include a guided mediation and a lesson explaining what you’re trying to develop during the practice. Each week's skill focus will build on the previous weeks.

8 week Course Outline

  1. Establish a feedback loop and dissociating thought/feeling from your chosen activity/feedback loop and returning to original feedback loop.
  2. Choose a new activity based on observing the thought/feeling that is disrupting the original feedback loop.
  3. Choose to following it down the rabbit hole. Observe the narrative forms (thoughts/feelings/behavioral patterns) associated with the disruption of the original feedback loop.
  4. Narrative Excavation. Explore motivations for the disruptions to the feedback loop and their associations. What do they mean for me?
  5. Explore the nature of attachment. Why do I continue to believe/choose this for myself. What do it feel like emotionally when I engage in this behavior?
  6. Create new space - What becomes possible if I choose to give up this narrative/pattern? What is on the other side of this wall?
  7. Explore the nature of space. What does it feel like when I create new space exploring my patterns.
  8. Phases of learning. Unconscious incompetence 👉conscious incompetence 👉 conscious competence 👉 unconscious competence.


Mind Mapping 8 Week Course

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