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Justin wolfer Founder of movement mapping

Narrative Excavation Coaching


What is Narrative Excavation?

Justin offers a special form of one on one guidance done online over the course of several months.  Justin will guide you step by step through a process of cultivating your ability to radically change habitual patterns through self observation. Narrative excavation refers to uncovering the stories and beliefs you hold about yourself and your environment and the reasons you hold those beliefs.  What you believe is not random.  And through uncovering your motivations for holding them we can begin exploring other possibilities.  What do you want?

You might be thinking... stories? I don’t tell stories. Think about how often you’ve said or heard the phrase: “why does this always happen to me?” Something as innocent as that statement can hold a lot of weight over me. Do I believe that I have bad luck? Or that I’m just not as good as other people in certain areas? An idea like this will motivate me to take all kinds of measures to prove that I am not what I think I am or to hide what I actually think about myself. 

Cost & Commitment

The program costs $400 per month (3 month commitment is recommended).


This includes:

- initial correspondence and orientation.

- Content and process outline.

- daily email correspondence as needed (will respond within 24 hrs).

- weekly voice call or voice message session (1-2 hours, twice weekly).


"Looking at each situation from the perspective of something being right on and exactly what I tend to do with these recurring work themes. This really hit home man. Thank you for the feedback and perspective. I’ve been much more tuned in to noticing when that “something’s wrong” perspective since reading this."


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is narrative? 

- Narrative is how we choose to describe any given moment. 

Why its important?

- How we choose to describe  things is never completely accurate nor is it fixed. One thing you'll quickly discover is the behavioral patterns caused by the narrative we choose and how they rarely work in the way we intend and desire them too.

What is the practice? 

The practices will include journalling, reflecting, contemplation and breaking down patterns but the main practice is to pay attention.  Its a mindfulness practice where we pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves and their payoffs and consequences.  

How is the mentorship done?  

The mentorship is done over the phone and by email or text (your preferred way) of sharing your assignments and receiving feedback.  

How much time must I commit? 

There is no fixed amount of time and the beauty of this practice is that it needed be done in solitude.  Your life as it is the best place for self-observation and inquiry.  

I will say that this practice is not for the faint of heart.  It will confront you and ask you to take accountability for your feelings and behaviors.